Aug 062012

This is my rock-solid 26” chromoly brazed adventure bike. The design of the bike and the component group selected reflect
the idea that this was built to be durable and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t be afraid to “huck” it around.

Notable Features:
-68 degree head angle w/crown to axle length of 530mm and 15mm lower stack
-Short seat tube for increased range of seat post adjustability
-hydro and mechanical brake line accommodations
-seatstay and disc brake bridges
-comfortable clearance for most 2.2-2.3” labeled tires

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May 102010

I’m finally riding the bike I built in the August frame class [taught by Paul Sadoff]. The 26″ two-speed BMX with disc brakes concept seems to have resulted in a fun, if kind of weird, bike. Thanks for teaching me how to build it. I had this thing rolling around my head for months and it’s great to roll it down the street now. I had a long delay for the hubs. It tracks straight, is a blast to ride, not too heavy, and everyone that rides it has fun. Thanks for showing me how to build it.

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Apr 132010

My first frame is now attached to enough components so it can be considered a complete bike. I had the intention of it being a new school dirt jumper and it feels like it in some ways, but it also rides a little like an old school BMX cruiser. Like an old GT 24″ I have, sort of. It rides great and straight even with no hands! It jumps good, manuals good (a ton easier than the GT), feels pretty stiff and corners like it’s on rails. The finish on it right now is a rattle can clear coat and I like the way it looks but it is soft. I’m going to find a paint shop that can give it a durable clear coat, hopefully for a cheap price.

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