Apr 152010

The build of the bike was very much inspired by British “club racers” and “all-rounders” of the 50′s and 60′s. Being my first frame, I liked the idea that a single bike could be built to be ridden with a number of intentions. British racers used to ride geared/fendered bikes to the track, often carrying a spare set of track wheels on fork mounted “sprint carriers” and then convert it to a “path racer”…only to re-install the fenders, brakes and other bits before heading home.

Knowing that I will never part with this first frame, I wanted a versatile build that I could set up in a number of ways for the rest of my life. The clamp-ons and 120mm rear spacing mean I can set it up as a fixed-gear, 5 or 10 speed with relative ease. Truth be told, I just wanted an excuse to gather all of the cool old Campy bits. While it does have fender clearance, it’s more of a vintage racing bike (traditional racing geometry of 73 degrees parallel) than a vintage rando bike.

Matthew Bowne
Brooklyn, New York

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Apr 132010

Well, I took my sweet a$$ time, but I finally finished my Ti road bike I went away to school to build (just in time for the snow to fly here in Calgary….). I have attached a few pictures of the final product along with some shots taken during the bikes’ fabrication. I basically copied my existing road bike’s geometry so I knew I would end up with a bike I’d enjoy riding. Although I probably won’t get a good ride in until the spring, the test rides taken while setting up the components proved to be pretty nice. The effort to build & finish this bike was not a solo effort by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve listed below the people who were nice enough (not to mention patient enough…..) to hold my hand & help me along with what ended up as one of the more rewarding experiences I’ve had to date.

Jim Kish – Ti Frame Course Instructor & Independent Frame Builder
Gary & the rest of the crew at United Bicycle Institute
Rob Meesig @ Seven Cyles – kind enough to share some tips on bicycle finishing from the pros
Mandy Stobo – the amazing artistic influence behind the graphics & artwork on my bike
Liz & Spectrum Powder Works – for bringing the artwork to life on my bike – phenomenal job!
John O’Loughlin – bicycle guru & mechanical genius. Without John’s help, I would still be in my basement crying with an unassembled bike.
Natasha – for not killing me over the last few weeks while my sanity was close to leaving as I finished this bike.

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Apr 132010

Here is my frame that I built in class (June 2007) and it turned out great. It handles the long descents here in the Rockies with confidence. Stable as a rock at 50 plus mph. I am setting up shop here and hope to be up and running by the first of the year. Look for “Victoria Cycles” some time after that, when I have enough product to have my web site running. Thanks again for all your help there at UBI, you have helped me to make my dream a reality.

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