Jan 282011

Wanted to say thanks again to you and my instructors at UBI – Ron And Gary. Attached is my fifth frame from my workshop here in Israel – first MTB 29ER. Thanks for great instruction and a great time.

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Jan 202011

I’m happy to be riding the frame built at the Portland, UBI Brazing class, July 2010. The bike was built to be an “all-arounder” with plenty of gearing and a comfortable position. It has a mix of Campy components, Paul brakes, Brooks Saddle, and a custom chro-moly front rack. With just a bit over 100 miles, the bike is proving to do, what it was designed for, really well. Many thanks to Ron Sutphin, Tony Pereira, and the UBI staff. My experiences this past summer were very memorable!!

Jim Duncan
St. Louis, Missouri

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