Jul 122012

I wanted this bike to mimic my faux-French randonneuring bike, but with clearance for 26″ x 2″ tires with fenders or knobby 26″ x 2.5″ tires. It has a lot of fork rake (58mm) and long chainstays (44cm), and it’s a super-smooth ride. It’s a very big frame, with just the right amout of flex to climb nice, and the geometry and tires give confidence on fast twisty descents and safety offroad.

It was designed with the lights, racks, and luggage in mind, and the result is a bike that transitions really well from pavement to doubletrack.

After building it, I rode over 2,000 miles on it through the deserts, mountains, and coast highways of Oregon and California.

Building my own bike and riding it around has been an incredible experience.

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