Aug 282012

Hey guys: some pictures of my bike, some parts are from my others bikes so that is not the final look yet and Im going to leave without paint for a while!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 062012

This is my rock-solid 26” chromoly brazed adventure bike. The design of the bike and the component group selected reflect
the idea that this was built to be durable and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t be afraid to “huck” it around.

Notable Features:
-68 degree head angle w/crown to axle length of 530mm and 15mm lower stack
-Short seat tube for increased range of seat post adjustability
-hydro and mechanical brake line accommodations
-seatstay and disc brake bridges
-comfortable clearance for most 2.2-2.3” labeled tires

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Aug 022012

The frame is a fillet-brazed 650b steel hardtail. My goal was to create a frame with 650b-specific geometry that fit me well. I love the way it rides! It has a slack head angle, but the short chainstays and wheelbase keep it very flickable.

Some geometry specs:

69 degree head angle
72 degree seat angle
12″ bottom bracket height with 100mm Fox fork and no rider
16.5″ chainstays
42.25″ wheelbase

I couldn’t be more happy with the frame I built at UBI. I hope to build many more.

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