Apr 152010

After a year and a half, the mixte frame I built has become a bicycle! My intent was to create a high-speed commuter bike, one that would get me to work in no time flat, would handle well in traffic and would also be fun to ride. It does, and it’s fabulous. Some of the special features: the integral rack (that I built despite Gary’s opposition) makes so much sense that I wonder why all frames don’t include one — there are no bolts to rattle loose, the bridges provide a place to bolt the fender on, thus eliminating fender stays, and the thing is totally solid. I had a tough time figuring out where to run the bar-end shifter cables since they conflicted with the brakes, so I ended up drilling the handlebars the shifter cables through the bar. Other than that, assembly went smoothly and the bike has everything I want, right down to the handlebar-mounted coffee cup holder. It also matches my bag perfectly. Thanks so much for the great class!

Part of the reason why it took me a year and a half to complete the bike was that the unconventional design meant that I left UBI with a few bridges short of a frame, so I had to take a metalworking class to learn to machine aluminum blocks into tubing holders for my vise, and upgrade my torch with a better tip, and outfit my workshop with the right files, and do a bunch of other prep work before I could install the last few bridges. But now my workspace is all set to build a bike for my husband, who’s been bugging me to hurry up and finish my bike already.

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