Aug 162010

I attended UBI’s brazing course in August of 2009. I wanted a practical bicycle to be used for everyday fun, everyday practicality, and everyday style. I already commute daily on a vintage steel bike, but wanted one that I could casually go to the farmer’s market, go the movies, go to dinner, coffee, run weekend errands. I am infatuated with the Porteur style French bicycles of the 1920′s and 30′s that dominated the Parisian streets delivering newspapers and courier goods. It’s upright and comfortable, classic in styling, propped for utility but tweaked for Portland, Ore. living. Some highlights are wooden fenders, leather accouterments, integrated brass bell into stem, and nearly all U.S.A. made parts.

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  2 Responses to “Cameron Larson’s Portland Porteur”

  1. Beautiful Job Cameron.

    I am hoping to take the course next year. I want to build pretty much the identical bike to yours. Don’t worry, I live up in British Columbia. I would be interested in learning from you your thoughts on the program and inquire into the specifics of your frame design. Again, you did an outstanding job on that bike of yours!


    Troy Hudson

  2. The bike looks amazing. I would love to see some pictures close up, but it looks like you have added all the right touches. Well done.