Oct 032012

Some major miles …errr, kms…already!

Greetings from SF & 835kms later.. (I think that’s ~515 imperial miles) The bike & I made it in yesterday after leaving a week ago, so it’s holding up. It now looks a tad more used than the attached pic.

[Editor's note: Tai is from Australia and rode this bike from Ashland to San Francisco after class, on his way home!]

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Aug 282012

Hey guys: some pictures of my bike, some parts are from my others bikes so that is not the final look yet and Im going to leave without paint for a while!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 062012

This is my rock-solid 26” chromoly brazed adventure bike. The design of the bike and the component group selected reflect
the idea that this was built to be durable and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t be afraid to “huck” it around.

Notable Features:
-68 degree head angle w/crown to axle length of 530mm and 15mm lower stack
-Short seat tube for increased range of seat post adjustability
-hydro and mechanical brake line accommodations
-seatstay and disc brake bridges
-comfortable clearance for most 2.2-2.3” labeled tires

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Aug 022012

The frame is a fillet-brazed 650b steel hardtail. My goal was to create a frame with 650b-specific geometry that fit me well. I love the way it rides! It has a slack head angle, but the short chainstays and wheelbase keep it very flickable.

Some geometry specs:

69 degree head angle
72 degree seat angle
12″ bottom bracket height with 100mm Fox fork and no rider
16.5″ chainstays
42.25″ wheelbase

I couldn’t be more happy with the frame I built at UBI. I hope to build many more.

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Jul 122012

I wanted this bike to mimic my faux-French randonneuring bike, but with clearance for 26″ x 2″ tires with fenders or knobby 26″ x 2.5″ tires. It has a lot of fork rake (58mm) and long chainstays (44cm), and it’s a super-smooth ride. It’s a very big frame, with just the right amout of flex to climb nice, and the geometry and tires give confidence on fast twisty descents and safety offroad.

It was designed with the lights, racks, and luggage in mind, and the result is a bike that transitions really well from pavement to doubletrack.

After building it, I rode over 2,000 miles on it through the deserts, mountains, and coast highways of Oregon and California.

Building my own bike and riding it around has been an incredible experience.

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May 292012

Here are some pictures of a touring bike I made at the UBI silver brazing class in May of 2010. The steering tube decal is powdered glass melted on a bent brass plate. I used O2 and methane, but I have heard of people using mepp gas. Components: Wheels built by Joe Young Wheels Texas, Chris King headset, Phil Wood hubsets, Shimano Dura Ace downtube shifters, Shimano SLX front and rear derailleurs, 11-32 rear cassette, 22/32/44 front chainrings. The bike has a long wheelbase and I can climb a barn roof in low gear. It rides great and shifts like a dream. I took it to Utica, NY last summer — 500 miles round trip — no problems. I had an auto body shop paint the frame. The decal on the seat tube was made from a stencil I ordered online.

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May 182012

It lives in Tokyo!

The frame is now built up into a bicycle! I had to wait an extra 3 days to get the bracket that holds the front outer brake cable housing in front of the fork crown/headtube above the cantilever brake, but could finally fix that and wrap the bars in tape.

It is one sweet ride.

The build is a SRAM Rival groupset, Kore cantilever brakes, Ritchey stem, bars, tires and cyclocross fork, and a used Fizik Arione saddle and FSA seatpost.

I hand built the wheels (Nos. 00002 and 00003) — Velocity A23 rims, Chris King Classic hubs, 32 DT Swiss spokes front and rear (Revolution, except Competition on the rear drive side), and Ritchey 700×32 cyclocross tires.

I love the SRAM double tap shifters. Then again, I usually love a brand new, clean and properly adjusted drivetrain!

The canti brakes … were chattering a bit at first, but within the first kilometer seemed to smooth out nicely.

The Chris King hubs have their trademark “angry bee” buzzing sound. The tires … are noticeably slower than road tires. I’ll probably use another set of wheels for in-town riding, and save these for settings when they will provide maximum benefit.

Now I just need to add some decals/graphics.

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May 162012

Got my frame all built up. Here are the photos!

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