May 152012

I took your Titanium Frame building Class this past winter. And I am happy to report that my new bike is complete!
I would like to present:Fooly’s Super Stinky Head
This is my new daily commuter/road bike and Cycle Cross bike. This is the bike I plan on spending all my time on, from commuting to work, my winter training, and even racing on. This bike I plan on keeping for a very long time. Thanks UBI for making my dream a reality!

Dan “Fooly” Acosta

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May 152012

Here are photos of my randonneur bike that I built at UBI Portland this past summer. I rode the bike last week for the Solvang Century. The bike rode great; I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks again to Ron and Tony for all of their help and guidance, and to the UBI staff for making it a great experience.

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May 232011

Lugged steel, two-speed.

It fits, rides fine and true, comfortable; its just plain fun! Stem made by Tony Pereira. Sturmey Archer 2-speed kick-back, no-coaster-brake hub, in wheel I built, with just enough mechanical advantage to help me pedal up and over Seattle’s many moraines. UBI DT Swiss front wheel. Other miscellaneous new and used parts. Painting highlights are giant red indian paintbrush, Castilleja miniata, by Nicole. Thanks to UBI faculty and staff for a great experience, superb facility, and instructors extraordinaire – Joseph Ahearne, Tony Pereira, Ron Sutphin.

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May 052011

Thought I would send a couple of photographs of the finished bicycle from the frame I built at UBI last August (sans fenders). I took it for a couple mile ride for the first time today. It still needs a little adjusting but it is clear to me that this bike is head and shoulders above anything I have ever had before. The next bike will be even better.
Thanks for everything,

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Jan 282011

Wanted to say thanks again to you and my instructors at UBI – Ron And Gary. Attached is my fifth frame from my workshop here in Israel – first MTB 29ER. Thanks for great instruction and a great time.

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Jan 202011

I’m happy to be riding the frame built at the Portland, UBI Brazing class, July 2010. The bike was built to be an “all-arounder” with plenty of gearing and a comfortable position. It has a mix of Campy components, Paul brakes, Brooks Saddle, and a custom chro-moly front rack. With just a bit over 100 miles, the bike is proving to do, what it was designed for, really well. Many thanks to Ron Sutphin, Tony Pereira, and the UBI staff. My experiences this past summer were very memorable!!

Jim Duncan
St. Louis, Missouri

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Oct 292010

It’s been over a year since I completed the cromoly brazing course at UBI. I thought I should send along some pictures of my “completed” bike, as I promised to do when I left.

It took a while to find somewhere to build the fork, and even longer to complete one that I thought was good enough.

Now I ride the bike every day. It’s got pretty interesting handling, probably more to do with the 68-degree seat tube and very low bottom bracket than with the 20-inch wheels. I commute to work on this thing, and carry large loads on the rack. It’s got some clearcoat on it. I’ll probably wait to have it painted until I am sure I don’t need to braze anything else on.

I’m very happy I got the time to attend UBI and learn some of the basics of frame building. I’ve since built a long-tail cargo bike, and am starting on another small-wheeled bike for my girlfriend.

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Sep 132010

Jason Yen's loaded touring bike somewhere in Asia.

This is the touring bike I built in the February, 2010 class. I took the bike on a tour of Mongolia, inner Mongolia, and western China. The rack and fender mounts held up great even though I used silver instead of brass. Lots of things I would do differently, but that will wait till the next bike.

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