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UBI STORE For phone orders, call us at 541-488-1121

From Welding Supplies:

Paragon Heatsink and Purge Fitting for BB30 Bottom Bracket Shell

Item #PG-HT5003: This is a combination heatsink and purge fitting for all of our BB30 bottom brackets. This assembly will work with both 68 and 73 mm shells and is specifically sized to fit our shells with a 1.750" center relief. All metal to metal interfaces are bronze to stainless steel. These two metals have a very low coefficient of friction with each other, making sticking, binding or galling very unlikely. Although it introduces argon into the frame and absorbs heat from the weld to reduce distortion, it will not completely eliminate it. Results will vary based on tubing diameters, wall thicknesses, and personal welding styles.   $180.00   » more info

Cromoly Tubing from Kaisei!

We are pleased to be carrying steel tubing from Kaisei. Kaisei tubing is made to the highest possible standards, with the best possible raw materials, by the people who once made the best riding Cromoly tubing at Ishiwata! 4130 CrMo tube sets are available in standard or oversize diameters, double or quad-butted, in a variety of gauges. Click here for more information on Kaisei tubing.

More Products and Resources

Book "The Bicycle Wheel" by Jobst Brandt $24.99
Kaisei 8630R Heat Treated 022 Main Tubeset, 8630 Double Butted Oversize $299.00
Paragon Heatsink and Purge Fitting for Threaded Bottom Bracket Shell $160.00
Paragon SS Cable Stop, Threaded, Chainstay Mount $4.47
Paragon Steel Disc mount, ISO, Willits style $8.75
Paragon Ti BB Shell 1.500" OD x 68mm 3/2.5 knurled $44.36
Paragon Ti BB Shell 1.625" x 68.5mm CP Titanium $24.05
Paragon Ti Dropout Flat w/ Window Multi-speed Slider Disc $130.00
Paragon Ti Dropout w/ low mount disc, w/ eyelets long hanger $141.01
Sticker B.A.D.D. Bumper Sticker $2.50
Tika 2005 Ti Welding Cup $90.00
Titanium Rear Cable Stop for Cantilever Brakes, No Slot, Threaded $20.49
UBI Frame Tube Blocks $150.00
UBI Shop Apron $25.00
UBI Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Black $17.00
UBI Women's Grey T-shirt $18.00


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