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cable stops
Paragon Ti Cable Stop Triple Front 1 1/2
Paragon Ti Cable Stop Triple Front 1 1/2", 2 Slots, Single Saddle, zip-tie

Our Price: $17.78         

Item #PG-CS0320: This triple cable stop is based on three 9 mm circles, with two ears forming a miter. The two ears are meant to be fusion welded to the tube, eliminating the need for any filler material at the weld. It is 9 mm long and has two 6 mm holes x 8 mm deep. The slots are 3/32" to clear all cables, with chamfers. The third position is a single saddle for holding disc brake hydraulic hose or full-length housing to the frame with a zip-tie. It is 16.6 mm long and has a 1/8" slot for a small zip-tie. This is the front stop if mounted on the top of the top tube, with the brake saddle on the left side. It is mitered opposite the slots to fit 1 1/2" tubing. Made from CP titanium.

Paragon part # CS0320

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