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cable stops
Paragon Steel Cable Stop, 3/8
Paragon Steel Cable Stop, 3/8" OD STI Stop, Mitered

Our Price: $4.73         

Item #PG-CS2019: This stop is 3/8" diameter x 0.60" long, cross drilled and tapped M5 x 0.8 for all STI adjusters. It is mitered 1 3/8", parallel to the cross hole. It will fit other tube diameters easily. The cable centerline to tube is 0.413". There are no slots for the STI detents, but the detents fit well on the diameter of the stop, effectively keeping the adjuster from moving. Although typically used on downtubes, they may also be used on headtubes. Made from 1018 steel.

Paragon part # CS2019

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