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books and videos
Book "100 Years of Bicycle Component and Accessory Design"

Our Price: $39.95         

Item #UB-DATABK: This volume is an authentic reprint edition of the original Japanese publication ’83 The Data Book. To this date, it is the most inclusive compendium of illustrations of technical solutions for biycle component and accessory designs gleaned from the study of historic European cycling periodicals and manufacturer’s catalogs.

The book was originally published in September 1983 in Japan by Mr. Terrashima, president of the Joto Ringyo company, as ’83 The Data Book. It culminated Mr. Terrashimai’s long work as a collector and propagator of illustrations of early European bicycle components and accessories.

Some of the materials had earlier been published by him in four separate volumes, referred to as Data Books 1, 2, 3, and 4, and a subsequent compendium volume (though significantly less inclusive than the current work), which he referred to as The Joyful Bicycle.

This authentic reprint edition is identical to the original in all respects, including binding style, trim size, and page numbering. In addition, it contains English translations of the Japanese texts found on the introduction page and elsewhere in the book.

The publisher of this edition is indebted to Mr. Terrashima’s daughter, Ms. Fumiyo Noguchi, for her kind help and encouragement in enabling us to reissue this unique book.

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