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1. Paragon Ti Brake Boss 3-Piece - BK0008
  Item #PG-015: This boss is three pieces, the actual boss is machined from titanium, the spring locating ring from stainless steel, and the cantilever post from 4130 heat treated steel (M10 x 1.5).  $15.43   » more info

2. Paragon Ti Brake Boss 3-Piece, unmitered - BK0007
  Item #PG-014: This boss is composed of 3 pieces: a titanium boss that can be welded to the stays, a stainless steel ring for the brake return spring, and a steel post that threads into the boss.  $15.43   » more info

3. Paragon Ti Brake Boss U-Brake - BK0009
  Item #PG-016: The Paragon U-Brake boss is the standard 10 mm boss designed for any U-brake, past or present.  $7.50   » more info

4. Paragon Ti Brake Bridge Road Bike 58mm wide - BK0002
  Item #PG-017: 58mm wide.  $31.02   » more info

5. Paragon Ti Brake Bridge Road Bike 64mm wide BK0003
  Item #PG-BK0003: A classically styled brake bridge for all road caliper brakes.  $34.23   » more info

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