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Paragon Ti BB Shell 1-5/8'' OD x 73.5mm long Paragon Ti BB Shell 1-5/8'' OD x 73.5mm long

Price: $40.81         

Item #PG-BB0024: This bottom bracket shell is machined from 1 5/8" x .150" wall 3-2.5 titanium tubing. The outside diameter is the stock tube diameter. The width is 73.5 mm, supplied .5 mm oversize to allow clean up after welding. The threads are 1/370"-24, right and left hand, and the thread length is .50". The left hand thread is identified by a radial groove on the face of the shell. The minor diameter of the thread is 1.330"/1.340". It is relieved on the inside diameter to 1.385"/1.395".

All of our threaded bottom bracket shells are 1.37" x 24 threads per inch and are right and left threaded (also known as British Standard, ISO/English or BSA), making them compatible with all modern threaded bottom bracket spindles.

Item sold individually.

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