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1. Book ''100 Years of Bicycle Component and Accessory Design''
Item #UB-DATABK: This volume is an authentic reprint edition of the original Japanese publication 83 The Data Book.  $39.95   » more info

2. Book ''Cycling Sojourner A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Oregon'' by Ellee Thalheimer
Item #UB-CYCSOJ: UBI grad and veteran cycle tourist, Ellee Thalheimer's guide to Oregon cycle tours includes great trips in and around Ashland and Portland..  $17.95   » more info

3. Sutherland's 6th Edition CD rom only (no book)
Item #SL-6thCDROM: Sutherland's 6th Edition CD rom only (no book).  $80.00   » more info

4. Book ''Bicycle and Tricycles'' by Archibald Sharp
  Item #UB-TRIKE: This is considered one of the most comprehensive engineering treatises on the bicycle -- and it was written in 1896.  $29.95   » more info

5. Book ''Bicycling Science'' by David Gordon Wilson
  Item #UB-BIKESCI: This third edition of Wilson's popular book is a comprehensive contemporary examination of the engineering principles of cycling -- both human and mechanical.  $24.95   » more info

6. Book ''The Art of Wheel Building'' by Gerd Schraner
  Item #UB-GSBOOK: The Art of Wheel Building by Gerd Schraner is considered the definitive essay on construction and design of custom wheels.  $21.95   » more info

7. Book ''The Bicycle Wheel'' by Jobst Brandt
  Item #UB-JOBST: Jobst Brandt's classic about wheel building and wheel engineering is an essential companion to Gerd Schraner's The Art of Wheelbuilding.  $24.99   » more info

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