UBI Ashland is Solar!

UBI's PV SystemThis solar system ties into our local power grid. As part of the City of Ashland's photovoltaic rebate program, any power generated by UBI above the amount we consume is purchased by the City of Ashland, which owns and operates our local electric utility. The system was designed and installed by The Electron Connection of nearby Hornbrook, California. Bob-O Schultze, owner of the Electron Connection, has been involved in renewable energy for over 30 years.

The installation of our system was remarkably straightforward. We have 48 Sharp solar panels mounted to racks on the roof of our building. Solar panels generate DC power, so the juice from the panels is changed to AC by three StarInverters made by PV Powered of nearby Bend, Oregon. From there it travels through our main breaker box back onto our city power grid. If the panels' output exceeds UBI's load, our power meter runs backwards.

We think this is very cool.

Bob-O and Eric from the Electron Connection unload the goods.
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