Ashland Facilities

Ashland Mechanics ClassroomUBI's Ashland Campus is right next door to United Bicycle Tool Supply, the largest wholesale supplier of bicycle tools in the industry. This keeps us exposed to and equipped with the absolute latest and greatest tool technologies available anywhere. The layout and design of our 2 state-of-the-art Ashland classrooms promotes a stimulating learning environment.

Downtown AshlandEvery custom designed student workbench is equipped with a complete selection of the best professional-grade tools available, including advanced frame alignment tools, cutting tools, torque wrenches, and spoke tension meters. In fact, we are constantly upgrading our workbenches as technology changes. We regularly add thousands of dollars worth of new tools and teaching aids, all to make this class the best learning experience possible in this exciting field

Ashland Bike Mechanics FacilitiesOur Ashland facility is state-of-the-art in other ways, too. On its roof is one of the largest solar PV systems in the city of Ashland. This 8.4 kw solar system provides about 60 per cent of UBI's electrical power needs.



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