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Shipping Your Bike to UBI

Regardless of the UBI location you attend, we encourage you to bring your bike to UBI!

Ashland is a great place to ride. The town is very bike-friendly and it's an easy ride to restaurants, pubs and theaters from the school and Cycle Hostel. Ashland also boasts an amazing network of single track mountain bike trails that wind through the forested mountains above town.

Portland is an equally fun cycling town, with some of the best urban cycling infrastructure in the U.S. and a vibrant, creative cycling culture to match.

Here are some tips for shipping your bike:

Airlines -- This is certainly a convenient way to bring your bike if you're flying into the Medford or Portland International airports. The only drawback is that airlines charge big extra bucks for bikes. Typical rates are $85-$90 each way, so this could cost almost $200 for a round-trip flight. If you bring your bike on an airline, we recommend that you pack it in a hard shell case. Our experience with flying recently tells us that bike boxes are almost always hand-inspected by TSA. This web site has a good summary of airline shipping costs and restrictions.

FedEx and UPS-- These shippers are often the best choice for getting your bike to UBI. Their rates are cheaper than airlines (as long as you use ground shipping services) and UBI receives shipments from both companies daily. For the return leg, UBI can ship your bike via either UPS or FedEx directly from the school. Make sure to pack your bike carefully, and send it to your attention c/o UBI at the street address of your campus:

Your Name
c/o United Bicycle Institute
401 Williamson Way
Ashland, OR 97520

Your Name
c/o United Bicycle Institute
3961 N Williams Ave., Suite 100
Portland, Oregon 97227

Also, insure your bike accordingly!

US Postal Service -- This may be your cheapest option. If you ship by U.S. Mail make sure to allow plenty of time for your bike to get here. ABSOLUTELY ship it to our street address (see above). DO NOT ship it to our post office box. Make sure to insure your bike accordingly. The drawback to shipping by U.S. mail is that your package will not be trackable (as it is with FedEx and UPS). -- This is a service that utilizes FedEx. The service uses a re-usable bike box called the Air Caddy (which you must purchase for about $100). You can arrange to have your bike picked up at your house and shipped directly to UBI, or you can drop the Air Caddy off at any Kinko's. Information is available at or at -- Bikeflights also uses FedEx as their shipper. You can drop off your bike at over 1,800 FedEx locations or request a pick up for door to door service. They ship all types of bikes packed in any box or case.

High Country Shipping -- High Country ships either UPS or FedEx and offers guaranteed delivery service. They will pick up your bike, and they offer international shipping. More on their shipping rates can be found here.

Shipping Internationally -- If you are planning to ship your bike to UBI from a destination outside the United States, we strongly recommend that you check it with you as baggage on the airline. Air carriers are charging significant fees for shipping bikes, but these fees are quite reasonable when compared to those charged by shippers like UPS or FedEx, especially when those carriers add on customs brokerage fees. Please note: UBI will NOT ship bikes from the school to an international destination.



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