Alumni Frame Building Week

Cromoly Brazing Frame Building Who Will Benefit:
Previous Frame Building Class Graduates
Career Oriented Mechanics
Graduates Desiring to Build Another Frame

Prerequisites: Must have successfully completed a previous UBI frame building class.

Our frame building alumni often tell us they’d love to come back to UBI to build another frame. We designed this new class for graduates of our frame building classes to allow them to build another frame without enrolling in another full two-week class. This streamlined class is basically a supervised open work session, and will provide students with full access to our frame shop for five days.

UBI staff will be on hand to supervise students in mitering, fixturing and joining their tubes, and prepping the finished frames. However, classroom instruction and practice time will be minimal, and limited to brief refreshers on equipment operation and safety. Students must arrive at UBI with a full-scale frame drawing approved by UBI and be ready to get to work immediately.

Students may choose to use the joining method of the frame class previously taken, and in general may build any frame that conforms to the guidelines of our regular frame building classes.

This class is available by application only to students who have received a Certificate of Completion from a previous UBI frame building class. No exceptions! For additional information about this class, see our Alumni Frame Building FAQ page.

Tuition Information

The cost of the  Alumni Frame Building Week is $1,000 with a $100 registration fee required with your signed class application. Please plan ahead and register early! It is a good idea to call us before sending in your application to verify availability. Click here for a schedule of classes.




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