Cromoly TIG Welding Frame Building

Cromoly TIG Welding Frame Building

Who Will Benefit:
First Time Frame Builders
Career Oriented Mechanics
Enthusiasts Desiring to Build Their Own Frame

Prerequisites: None - this is an entry level class.

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What You Will Learn

Our TIG Welded Chromoly Frame Building class offers all that the brazing class encompasses, but uses TIG welding as the joining method. There are several specially designed practice welding sessions that will prepare the student to weld all, or part, of his or her own frame.

Welding skill is considered by most people to be more difficult to acquire than brazing skill. Students should, therefore, have at least average mechanical ability and good hand-eye coordination. Good close-up vision is important especially in light conditions that vary to extremes in both intensity and contrast. If necessary, however, instructors are always nearby and willing to help.

Students may build a mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, cyclocross bike, track bike, or trials bike. Students who successfully complete this class will leave with a high quality custom chromoly bicycle frame ready for painting.

Some of the welding topics covered include:

  • Frame Geometry
  • Frame Fit
  • Frame Design
  • Welding Technique
  • Tubing Selection
  • Shop Safety
  • Tool Selection & Use
  • TIG Welder Options
  • Equipment Setup
  • Jig Setup & Use
  • Tube Mitering
  • Tube Prep
  • Finish Work
  • Painting Recommendations

All materials and supplies necessary to build a high-quality custom frame are included in the tuition price. The choice of tubing used will vary somewhat depending on several factors; primarily the design determined by the student. In all cases the tubing will be high quality chromoly. Each frame will be built with a full compliment of braze-ons and dropouts. For additional information about this class, see our Frame Building FAQ page.

Tuition Information

The cost of the two week Cromoly TIG Welding Frame Building Course is $2,750 with a $150 registration fee required with your signed class application. It is a good idea to call us before sending in your application to verify availability. Click here for a schedule of classes. For more information, check our Frame Building FAQ page.




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