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Professional Repair and Shop Operation

Professional Repair and Shop Operation Who Will Benefit:
Beginner and Home Mechanics
Career Mechanics
Those Seeking Certification 
Prerequisites: None - this is an entry level class.

What our graduates say about this class

What You Will Learn

This is a comprehensive 2 week professional level course for students with limited or no bike shop experience. The major goal of the class is to prepare students to work in a bicycle shop, or to help them learn enough about professional bicycle mechanics to work on their own bicycles in a professional manner. We emphasize a great deal of hands-on experience during both a component-by-component study of bicycle repair, as well as a study of the bicycle as a complete unit. The information presented is applicable to all types of bicycles. This course also provides a solid foundation on operating the vital service department for those who wish to own their own bicycle shop.

Professional Repair and Shop Operation
The basics of bicycle shop service department operation are presented via formal lecture, hands-on service writing exercises, and an open question and answer session. This format allows us to tailor this part of the class to the individual needs of students.

Some of the mechanic topics covered include:

  • Repair Stand Use
  • Component Standards
  • Measuring Tools
  • Thread Specifications
  • Torque
  • Safety & Liability
  • Solvent & Lubricant Use
  • Bearing Theory
  • Bearing Inspection & Assessment
  • Conventional Bearings
  • Cartridge Bearings
  • Hub & Axle Sets
  • Crank Sets
  • Handlebars
  • Stems
  • Frame Preparation
  • Frame Construction
  • Fork Alignment
  • Frame Alignment
  • Frame Fit
  • Frame Materials
  • Cutting Tools
  • Shop Tools
  • Bottom Brackets
  • Road Caliper Brake Systems
  • Mechanical Disc Brake Systems
  • Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Saddles & Seatposts
  • Chains
  • Wheel Building/Repair
  • Wheel Lacing
  • Wheel Tensioning
  • Wheel Truing
  • Headsets
  • Derailleur System Set-up
  • Derailleur System Troubleshooting
  • Derailleur Cable & Housing
  • Tube & Tire Repair
  • Tire/Rim Compatibility
  • Pedals
  • Chainline
  • Gearing
  • Freewheels & Freehubs
  • Suspension Service and Tuning

Some of the shop operation topics covered include:

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Starting a Small Repair Shop
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Tool Selection
  • Service Department Operation
  • Customer Service
  • Service Writing
  • Labor Rates
  • Sources of Supply
  • Establishing Accounts

Tuition Information

The cost of the two week Professional Repair and Shop Operation course is $1,950 with a $150 registration fee required with your signed class application.  It is a good idea to call us before sending in your application to verify availability. Click here for a schedule of classes. For more information, check our mechanics class FAQ page!

Special Advanced Seminar Discounts Apply If Taking This Class!

Join the hundreds of previous students who have taken advantage of a great offer. We are presently offering an additional $100 discount off the Advanced Mechanics Week if you sign up for both the Professional Repair and Shop Operation Course and the Advanced Mechanic Seminar Week consecutively. This discount is in addition to our standard discount of $100 off our Advanced Mechanic Seminar Week if you take all three seminars. That's a total savings of $200 off the Advanced Course, plus you can save on travel expenses by taking them both at once! Check it out!




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