Mar 192013

“Wanted to try the 650B wheel size in a 1×10 gear combo with a fillet brazed frame, all a first for me. I’m waiting on the Minnesota thaw to ride it. Looks like it will eat our smooth rolling single track. I loved my two weeks in Ashland building my first bike frame. Cheers!”




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Feb 222013


It’s Kovas – I was in your Titanium class this past November.

It’s been a few months, but I finally finished building-up my Ti frame (Photo taken post-build – She’ll never be that clean again…).

Ok, so I still haven’t gotten around to installing a proper drop-bar handlebar, but I couldn’t wait any longer – had to start riding.

Mine’s a dirt collector. Like trail dirt. She’s a bit flexy, a little laid-back in the geo, but still rides pretty damn well. Plus, she’s got the best story whenever anyone asks “So what kind of bike is that?”

Thanks again for all your time, advice and patience in class.

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Aug 062012

This is my rock-solid 26” chromoly brazed adventure bike. The design of the bike and the component group selected reflect
the idea that this was built to be durable and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t be afraid to “huck” it around.

Notable Features:
-68 degree head angle w/crown to axle length of 530mm and 15mm lower stack
-Short seat tube for increased range of seat post adjustability
-hydro and mechanical brake line accommodations
-seatstay and disc brake bridges
-comfortable clearance for most 2.2-2.3” labeled tires

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Aug 022012

The frame is a fillet-brazed 650b steel hardtail. My goal was to create a frame with 650b-specific geometry that fit me well. I love the way it rides! It has a slack head angle, but the short chainstays and wheelbase keep it very flickable.

Some geometry specs:

69 degree head angle
72 degree seat angle
12″ bottom bracket height with 100mm Fox fork and no rider
16.5″ chainstays
42.25″ wheelbase

I couldn’t be more happy with the frame I built at UBI. I hope to build many more.

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Jan 282011

Wanted to say thanks again to you and my instructors at UBI – Ron And Gary. Attached is my fifth frame from my workshop here in Israel – first MTB 29ER. Thanks for great instruction and a great time.

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May 102010

I’m finally riding the bike I built in the August frame class [taught by Paul Sadoff]. The 26″ two-speed BMX with disc brakes concept seems to have resulted in a fun, if kind of weird, bike. Thanks for teaching me how to build it. I had this thing rolling around my head for months and it’s great to roll it down the street now. I had a long delay for the hubs. It tracks straight, is a blast to ride, not too heavy, and everyone that rides it has fun. Thanks for showing me how to build it.

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Apr 162010

Here is the finished product (650B with Paragon stainless sliding dropouts). The finished filing without a vise was a bear, but everything cleaned up really nice. The paint was done by Class Act Powder here in Portland. As for the ride, it is very responsive and loves to climb hills, basically everything I could ask for. The total weight is 26 lbs. 4 oz. with suspension fork and pedals. I definitely learned a ton about both design and technique, which I will take forward with my next build. A big thanks to Ron and Gary.

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Apr 152010

Built in Jim Kish’s Ti class. A mix of trail / jump bike and a whole lot of fun. Can’t thank UBI, Jim and Gary enough for the awesome class and the amount of knowledge gained from it.

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