Apr 132010

After waiting for paint and parts, and a brief month of recuperation after a nasty rear tire blow out on my road bike (lots of brand new skin and a hefty copay on an ambulance ride), my 29er is finally together. Paint is by Spectrum Powderworks. The class was incredible and I’ll definitely be back.

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Apr 132010

It has been a pretty slow process, but I am finally finished. The painting was done by Richard Schwinn, a scion of the family, who makes Waterford bicycles in the old Schwinn Paramount factory (I’m told) near Milwaukee. It cost about $500 and took about 6 weeks. I had spent about 8 or 10 hours filing and sanding and Ron was definitely right in that it is easier to fix a bump than a hole. But Gary’s words also proved useful — it is, after all, just a bicycle. But, what a sweet ride.

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Apr 132010

Well, it only took me 14-1/2 months to get it done, but with a little help from: the fine folks at UBI, Mr. Jim Kish, the Feds (i.e. my economic stimulus check), Dave & Jeremy @ TiCycles (check that satin finish!), and Sean @ Vertigo Cycles (thanks for the BB re-prep), she’s ready to roll.

The stats: 29er singlespeed mtn bike, Paragon sliding drops, RS Reba 80mm front fork, Chris King headset, WTB SS hubs laced to Salsa Race Disc rims with Wheelsmith stainless butted spokes. Gearing is 32-22 (Surly cogs front & back). Frame weight = 3.7 lbs, bike weight = 24.9 lbs. Super fun to ride – light, flickable, stiff, rolls fast. My first SS & first 29er.

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Apr 132010

I set out to build a replacement for my current single speed, but his time a 69′r, (26″ rear, 29″ front). The geometry was roughly based on my 1994 Klein Attitude Race, but with a few adjustments to accommodate the rigid 29″ front fork. The end product was just what I was looking for, I can’t wait to ride it.

Frame Specs:
TT: 31.8mm 8-5-8
DT: 35mm 9-6-9
ST: 31.8 straight
-Columbus s-bend seat and chainstays
-Paragon stainless hooded slider dropouts
Painted with Dupont DTM epoxy primer and Dupont Centari Acrylic Enamel topcoat

Fork: Salsa 29″ rigid
HS: Race Face Deus
Wheels: Paul hubs laced to Sun EQ23 rims (26″&29″)
Crank/BB: Truvativ Stylo SS crank 180mm
Post/Stem/Bar: Thomson post & stem, Answer Carbon bar
Brakes: Hayes HFX9 carbon

Full bike weight: 22.8 lbs

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Apr 132010

My first frame is now attached to enough components so it can be considered a complete bike. I had the intention of it being a new school dirt jumper and it feels like it in some ways, but it also rides a little like an old school BMX cruiser. Like an old GT 24″ I have, sort of. It rides great and straight even with no hands! It jumps good, manuals good (a ton easier than the GT), feels pretty stiff and corners like it’s on rails. The finish on it right now is a rattle can clear coat and I like the way it looks but it is soft. I’m going to find a paint shop that can give it a durable clear coat, hopefully for a cheap price.

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Apr 132010

Here is my bike that I built at UBI. It’s fillet brazed steel (Columbus and Reynolds from what I remember). I built it to be more of an All Mountain Singlespeed. With the Rockshox Revelation, it has a 13.75″ BB, 68.5 degree HA and 22.75″ TT. The frame weight before paint was 4lbs 1 oz. The powdercoat added 3 oz and was done by a local powdercoater using whatever was in the can at the same time (they were painting white fences so I went with the white). Total bike weight as pictured is 23.5lbs. With lighter components (smaller tires, Spinner Aeris fork), it weighs 21 lbs.

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Feb 032010

“I am from the fall 2003 TIG class (Kish inst.). Here is my Columbus/True-Temper Twenty-Niner. I think I was the first UBI student to attempt one. It was a success for the most part. The geometry of the bike was hard to pull off, because I did not like the production 29ers out there; so I had Kish help me a lot on what would be the “happy medium” for this particular bike. I had a great time making it and would love to take the Ti class in the future. Thanks again for the great program and thanks to Jim Kish for all of his time spent with me. He has the patience of Jesus…Or at least I need to buy him a drink(s).”

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