Aug 282012

Hey guys: some pictures of my bike, some parts are from my others bikes so that is not the final look yet and Im going to leave without paint for a while!!!!!!!!!

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May 162012

Got my frame all built up. Here are the photos!

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May 102010

Hello all. I’ve been meaning to send these few pics of the bike I ended up brazing in Ashland at the March [2010] class. Thanks again for all the great instruction. It’s Kaisei 019 OS, about 565mm square, 75 HtA/74 StA. Dura Ace cranks, bb, hubs, cog, lockring, Sugino 75 s3 Gigas chainring, Thomson post and x2 stem, Velocity aeros, black DT comp spokes, Michelin Krylion carbons, Ritchey Pro Logic 2 bars, Selle Italia SL saddle. It has Ultegra SPD-SL pedals on it now. Vroom vroom. I was thinking about some sparkly black metallic, but now that it’s built up, I’m pretty addicted to the raw steel. Maybe some more finishing and just a clear coat? Who knows.

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Apr 162010

Here it is, the bike I built during the January [2010] frame building class. Instead of painting it, I blued the frame with Birchwood Casey gun bluing, $7.95 a bottle at the local gun shop. After that I gave it several coats of paste wax. One ride on wet roads left it a little spotty with surface rust, so I coated it with Boeshield instead. It seems to be working. It isn’t a permanent finish, like paint, but I can easily touch it up and repair it. I’ll see how it goes…kind of an experiment. Ezra from Fastboy Cycles turned me on to it. Deep Vs, shellacked Nitto Dirt Drop bars, and a Brooks B-17 Special round out my “steampunk” special. It is one awesome ride. Every now and then I pedal along and catch myself thinking, I built this…I built all of it! It’s zippy and fast, but comfortable and rock-stable. Thanks to Ron, Gary, and Joseph Ahearne for their expertise, help, encouragement, and patience. I have nothing but great memories (and an awesome bike) from UBI! Also, got a line on a 20 year old Henry James jig today. Frame #2 is just around the corner…

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Apr 132010

This is bike number one of 14 now. I chose fairly standard track geometry: 74 degree head and seat tube, 60mm of BB drop, shortest chainstays possible, and a 56cm square frame. Despite some not-so-pretty welds, I’ve been pounding this bike through the streets of Minneapolis for five years with no problems. With a Dura Ace track group it weighs 15.5 lbs. The bars are wrapped with twine and coated with polyurethane. The crank is actually a standard road model with the inner chainring tabs filed off, the headset is filed out, too, to make it threadless. Please check out the bikes I later built on my own at I can’t say enough good things about UBI, it was absolutely instrumental in my start to frame building–I even went twice! Thanks, Joel

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