Jan 202011

I’m happy to be riding the frame built at the Portland, UBI Brazing class, July 2010. The bike was built to be an “all-arounder” with plenty of gearing and a comfortable position. It has a mix of Campy components, Paul brakes, Brooks Saddle, and a custom chro-moly front rack. With just a bit over 100 miles, the bike is proving to do, what it was designed for, really well. Many thanks to Ron Sutphin, Tony Pereira, and the UBI staff. My experiences this past summer were very memorable!!

Jim Duncan
St. Louis, Missouri

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Sep 132010

Jason Yen's loaded touring bike somewhere in Asia.

This is the touring bike I built in the February, 2010 class. I took the bike on a tour of Mongolia, inner Mongolia, and western China. The rack and fender mounts held up great even though I used silver instead of brass. Lots of things I would do differently, but that will wait till the next bike.

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Jul 012010

I attended the very first frame building class in April at UBI’s Portland campus. I wanted to build a city bike that would be good for year-round riding but comfortable for longer rides as well. Furthermore, I wanted something elegant, beautiful and with fine detail, like many classic Italian road bikes I admire. Aside from Ron, we were also fortunate to have Joseph and Tony helping out in the class as well. With their help, I have managed to build something even nicer than what I imagined. Although I tend to prefer a single speed bike now, I chose a dropout with a derailleur hanger on it and added cable guides, should I, or my knees decide that I’d like some gears for a change. I also brazed on eyelets for fenders, water-bottles and a rack, in the event that I want to do some touring at some point in time. I chose Columbus tubing, which kept my bike in the “Italian spirit” along with the Campy & Cinelli components that I threw on it. Oh and most importantly, the name comes from my first love, my family. My children’s names are Benjamin and Isabella. I am forever grateful to them and my awesome wife for understanding my obsession enough to let me use two weeks of my vacation time to build myself a bicycle. If UBI did not open a campus here in Portland, I never would have been able to have done this. My bike fits me perfectly and rides like a dream. I could not be happier with what I now call my own.

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Apr 162010

Here’s a few pics of my fillet brazed touring frame I built during your April 20 [2009] course. I have ridden it from Lincoln City, OR to Berekeley, CA with no problems. Thanks so much Ron, Gary and Rich!

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Apr 152010


Just finished up the bike that I started for my son last November in your frame building class. Thanks to you and Gary it looks pretty much the way that I imagined it would. There are some things that I’ll do differently next time around, but I’m satisfied with it as a first effort and a learning exercise. Thanks again for a wonderful two weeks.

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