Oct 032012

Some major miles …errr, kms…already!

Greetings from SF & 835kms later.. (I think that’s ~515 imperial miles) The bike & I made it in yesterday after leaving a week ago, so it’s holding up. It now looks a tad more used than the attached pic.

[Editor's note: Tai is from Australia and rode this bike from Ashland to San Francisco after class, on his way home!]

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May 182012

It lives in Tokyo!

The frame is now built up into a bicycle! I had to wait an extra 3 days to get the bracket that holds the front outer brake cable housing in front of the fork crown/headtube above the cantilever brake, but could finally fix that and wrap the bars in tape.

It is one sweet ride.

The build is a SRAM Rival groupset, Kore cantilever brakes, Ritchey stem, bars, tires and cyclocross fork, and a used Fizik Arione saddle and FSA seatpost.

I hand built the wheels (Nos. 00002 and 00003) — Velocity A23 rims, Chris King Classic hubs, 32 DT Swiss spokes front and rear (Revolution, except Competition on the rear drive side), and Ritchey 700×32 cyclocross tires.

I love the SRAM double tap shifters. Then again, I usually love a brand new, clean and properly adjusted drivetrain!

The canti brakes … were chattering a bit at first, but within the first kilometer seemed to smooth out nicely.

The Chris King hubs have their trademark “angry bee” buzzing sound. The tires … are noticeably slower than road tires. I’ll probably use another set of wheels for in-town riding, and save these for settings when they will provide maximum benefit.

Now I just need to add some decals/graphics.

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May 152012

I took your Titanium Frame building Class this past winter. And I am happy to report that my new bike is complete!
I would like to present:Fooly’s Super Stinky Head
This is my new daily commuter/road bike and Cycle Cross bike. This is the bike I plan on spending all my time on, from commuting to work, my winter training, and even racing on. This bike I plan on keeping for a very long time. Thanks UBI for making my dream a reality!

Dan “Fooly” Acosta

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Apr 162010

I built this in Jim Kish’s 2009 Ti Class. I wanted a light, durable cyclocross bike that would leave me fresher at the end of a cross race than my aluminum ‘cross bike. As pictured, the bike weighs just under 19 lbs with pedals, and rides like a dream.

There are some things I might change next time around, but I’m very pleased with it as a first effort and am looking forward to tackling the ‘cross scene this fall with my new creation. Overall, riding a bike built from scratch was a very rewarding experience.

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Apr 152010

My first cross bike. I wanted it to combine the supple ride of my touring bike with the nimbleness of my racing bike and the stoutness of my fixed gear, with an all-around navigability akin to my mountain bike. It’s fantastic.

I was in the TIG class in July 2008 taught by Paul Sadoff.

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Apr 132010

Here are two shots of my built up “AcaVengo” Cyclocross bike that I built at the TIG Welding class in July/August, 2008. I raced on it this past Sunday for the first time and while I did not place well, I blame the engine, not the bike.

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Apr 132010

Greetings from Boise. Attached please find photos of the Chris’ Cross made at the TIG Steel class last Sept./Oct [2007]. I picked up my welder yesterday and am super excited. Miller Dynasty 200 DX…Suh-weet!

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Apr 132010


“I just build my bike up today took it out for a little ride to take care of some minor tuning issues and she’s ready to race, tomorrow actually. So far so good, pretty quick at turning and sooo much stiffer than my ’83 trek 500. I’m pretty happy with the finished product and meeting you all and coming back here and meeting all the local frame builders has been great…Can’t wait to come back and weld myself a Ti bike!”

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