Jul 022010

I’ve ridden it several times, and I like it quite a bit! Ron and Gary, thanks for all your help and encouragement. Despite the basement parts group, it rides and fits like I hoped it would. The paint job was done by the Color Factory, in Waretown,NJ. The learning process continues in my shop, where I hope to use my oxy/acetylene for more than cleaning out solder stuck in my plumbing torch.

[Gallery editor's note: Cory submitted this to us back in January, but it got lost in email heck. My apologies.]

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Jul 012010

I attended the very first frame building class in April at UBI’s Portland campus. I wanted to build a city bike that would be good for year-round riding but comfortable for longer rides as well. Furthermore, I wanted something elegant, beautiful and with fine detail, like many classic Italian road bikes I admire. Aside from Ron, we were also fortunate to have Joseph and Tony helping out in the class as well. With their help, I have managed to build something even nicer than what I imagined. Although I tend to prefer a single speed bike now, I chose a dropout with a derailleur hanger on it and added cable guides, should I, or my knees decide that I’d like some gears for a change. I also brazed on eyelets for fenders, water-bottles and a rack, in the event that I want to do some touring at some point in time. I chose Columbus tubing, which kept my bike in the “Italian spirit” along with the Campy & Cinelli components that I threw on it. Oh and most importantly, the name comes from my first love, my family. My children’s names are Benjamin and Isabella. I am forever grateful to them and my awesome wife for understanding my obsession enough to let me use two weeks of my vacation time to build myself a bicycle. If UBI did not open a campus here in Portland, I never would have been able to have done this. My bike fits me perfectly and rides like a dream. I could not be happier with what I now call my own.

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