Sorrell examines a linear pull brake during the January edition of the QBP WBMS.

Interview and Introduction by B Vivit

Kerri Sorrell was among the 32 recipients for the 2018 Quality Bicycle Parts, Women's Bike Mechanic Scholarship. She attended UBI during our January edition of the class, and in October, we'll have the other set of 16 eager minds. Quietly sitting in the corner of the class next to one of the more intense personalities that I've had the fortune to meet(looking at you Sequoia), Sorrell took meticulous notes in class and asked really great questions. Outside of class, you could tell that there was some real passion simmering just below the surface and she is a mover and a shaker. Fairly soon after her class ended, Sorrell was able to secure a job wrenching and spreading the information during her clinic nights. Her interview answers led themselves, so I'll get out of your way and let you really hear it from Kerri:

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Kiddos still hitting jumps after the day is over.

Recap by Nathan Riddle

"Racing is dead". A number of years ago when NORBA was failing I remember this phrase going around the bike biz like wild fire. The people saying this had likely never been to the Sea Otter Classic. This event has consistently been one of the biggest racing and bike industry events in North America (if not worldwide) for at least the last 20 years I have attended it. Located at the Laguna Seca raceway near Monterey CA, the Classic has consistenly drawn Professional bike racers of ALL (and I do mean all) disiplines from around the world as well as amateur racers of all ages from all over the United States. It also brings bike enthusiast spectators who come to see the conjoined spectacles of racing, and the bike companies who come to support them as well as show off all the cool new stuff they're bring to market. It is often the place where companies come to debut new goods for the first time to the media. I heard someone say that this year there were about 60,000 attendees each day!


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Building a steel dirt jumper includes a lot of decisions.

By Rich Bernoulli

During each frame building course, the instructor will also build a frame along with the student’s frames to serve as a demonstration piece for each phase of the frame building process. Sometimes we have demands from other industry partners, most recently Park Tool to display their new T47 thread chasing taps and Shimano to display their new technologies in their booths. Sometimes we build frames for fellow instructors (perks!), or sometimes for our own displays. If UBI or any of our industry partners have no frame needs, the instructor gets to decide what to build. We thought it would be a neat little project to speak to what goes in to deciding what to build, when you have the whole world to choose from. A steel dirt jumper!

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